Explore the Spirit of Now

Through the Lens of Art & Sustainability


ZEITGEIST 19  strives to generate a community of thinkers, who share a similar passion for progress and appreciation for meaningful and thoughtful art. One of the major aims of ZG19 is to further develop an understanding of the social within art, design, music, cinematography, architecture and sustainability, as well as to provide an experimental platform for research and exposure of innovative practices. Our aim is to raise awareness of current critical social and environmental issues though the language of 'conscious' art. 


Our initiative seeks to inspire social change by providing an ‘alternative space’, which connects art directly to spectator, within a new setting - a democratic and interactive environment, where one can enjoy a curious voyage of exploration into the world of art. The core of our project is to make artistic practice of our speakers more accessible, bringing it to people through thoughtfully curated social interdisciplinary experiences.