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ZEITGEIST19 Foundation is a research-led dynamic platform that was established in 2019 to operate at the intersection of culture and socio-environmental activism. Encouraging the conservation of our planet and following the model of ARTivism, our institution stands on 4 pillars: social development, cultural preservation, education and sustainability. Advocating the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our welfare mission is to take part in the fight against Global Warming.


ZEITGEIST19 strives to generate a community of thinkers, who share a similar passion for progress and appreciation for 'conscious' art to build global conversations, identify critical issues and raise awareness of injustice. We run a vast public programme online and offline including critically curated exhibitions, socio-cultural talks and workshops, digital podcasts, revvival of underutilized abandoned cultural buildings, neglected artifacts, and underrepresented history .  


Our aim is to awaken and incite revitalizing movements of the community that are culture based, creative led and globally driven. Support and promote a global network of artists, creative entrepreneurs, curators, environmentalists and scholars. Inspire, encourage and empower people to lead positive social transformation. 

How can we react to the challenging times of Now?  How can we re-imagine the future?

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