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ZEITGEIST19 is thrilled to be releasing ZG19 THE PODCAST, Season I: Perpetual Dimensions during one of the most challenging moments in recent history. In these trying times, our team remains ever so committed to its cause - exploring the spirit of Now through the lens of art and sustainability, while bringing people and ideas together in an effort to raise awareness and enhance conversations around ecological injustice, social inequality and other pressing issues of our age. Today in a completely new realm, the founders of ZG19 Farah Piriye and Elizabeth Zhivkova will be running broad ranging discussions featuring leading minds of our time. We are convinced the decade provides a strategic opportunity to rethink cultural diversity, peace and tolerance in our fragile globalized world. In this Season we are also joining forces with Milan based design studio MdA agency, to broadcast a series of conversations dedicated to the dilemma of multiculturalism in relation to the current global isolation. Having experienced the terrifying pandemic, which affects all segments of our living, one wonders Are we really in this together or have never been this much apart?



Season 01: Perpetual Dimensions


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