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Besides the in-house events ZEITGEIST 19 organizes pop-ups and off-time visits globally. Our aim is to raise awarness of the link between art and social transformation on international level, while reflecting on the artistic scene in an accessible way.  We cooperate with several hubs, alternative spaces, and establishments, commited to the passion of driving positive social change. Our moving programme aims to serve as a catalyst for radically scaling solutions, while investigating art, culture and sustainability and building new audience worldwide. 


ZEITGEIST 19 generates a digital and print content for various media publications in the form of written art reviews, recorded interviews and short videos. We strive to scale up our project, not only as a physical experience but as an international online information platform. While constantly undergoing a comprehensive research, we identify artistic practices that share our vision and raise awareness of current socio-enviromental challenges, corresponding to Climate Change, social inequality, education, cultural preservation, and innovation. The main mission of  ZG19 is to deliver a simple message by the means of art, informing not only professionals in the field but also the general audience. 

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